The Home Shrine [Dedicant Path Requirement]

For my first year or so as a pagan, I referred to myself as a hearthwitch. A lot of my spiritual practice centered around my kitchen and the garden just outside it. I had a small altar on my stove, so when I was ready to create an altar per the specifications of the Dedicant Path, this is where I chose to build it.

For my bile, I have a metal tree screwed into the wall.  It has a holder for a candle, which is where I have my fire, a tricolored candle.  A black tripod bowl serves as my well.  When I am working at my altar I use a blue silk altar cloth to covers the stovetop.  In addition to the essentials, I also keep two large white shells that I found on the beach on the altar as offering bowls (one for incense, one for cornmeal or salt); an incense burner given to me by my mom, a devout Christian, as a peace offering; and a matched pair of stones in the shape of wands (one bloodstone, one jade) that have been ritual tools of indeterminate purpose since the beginning of my journey as a pagan. The bloodstone anchors the well, while I usually hold or carry the jade, the working stone.

In the future, I hope to acquire some symbols of the Kindreds to keep on my altar. I have a small gargoyle that represents the spirits of the house who will live on my stove as part of the altar, but intend to add to that as soon as possible. Here is a picture of my shrine on the day it was dedicated:




About November Jones

November Jones lives in a small but very colorful house with three cats and her very noisy partner, codename: Batman.

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