[Dedicant Path Requirement] Wisdom

The Mother Grove defines wisdom as “good judgement, the ability to perceive people and situations correctly, deliberate about, and decide on the correct response.” While I don’t object to this definition, I do think that it is incomplete – too dry and intellectual. In my experience, wisdom tends to be a little more intuitive – breathless, less than logical. Wisdom is knowing, that’s the common thread: knowing secrets, almost, or being able to read the signs. I agree wholeheartedly with ‘the ability to perceive people and situations,’ (and I don’t really object to ‘good judgement’ although I like ‘good knowledge’ better,) but I think that ‘using courage and vision to discern the correct action’ would be more accurate ending to the dfinition. In my experience, wisdom is about knowledge (both hard and intuitive), insight, and discernment. In mythology, I think, people are considered wise when they are able to respond appropriately and sensitively to any situation, no matter how unfamiliar. Wisdom is also associated with age, and when someone is particularly wise we say they are “old souls” or “wise beyond their years,” but wisdom is also associated with the honesty, curiosity, and wonder of children.  Wisdom is a mix of good observation, sensitivity, openness, practicality, and experience. One of my favorite examples of wisdom is the character of Sophie in the movie Howl’s Moving Castle, at the end of the story, when she’s trying to get a witch to give back a stolen heart. Sophie eventually manages to convince her to give up the heart, and when she does, Sophie thanks her – not because the heart was the witch’s to give or keep, but because Sophie knows how difficult it was for her to give it up. The way Sophie dealt with that situation – explaining why they needed the heart in a way that moved the witch, and acknowledging her experience and her pain after she gave it up – shows wisdom, in my mind.


About November Jones

November Jones lives in a small but very colorful house with three cats and her very noisy partner, codename: Batman.

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