[Dedicant Path Requirement] Two Powers Essay

In the Two Powers meditation, one roots down into the dark/’womb’ energy of the earth and reaches up into the bright/’electrifying’ energy of the sky, striving to integrate both and allowing them to mingle and flow within. In this sense, one both reenacts the creation of life and acts as the ‘tree’ of the sacred triad – roots in the well, branches in the stars, holding the world together through the commingling of light and dark, life and death, fire and salty ice. We concentrate that energy within ourselves, often in order to direct it towards a specific goal.
The Two Powers meditation is an ADF-specific form of grounding and centering. Grounding is easy to understand – it’s connecting to the power oft he earth, steadying yourself by attuning to that energy so much larger and more constant than yourself. Centering was a little harder to grok, especially in the context of an earth/sky energy dichotomy, but I came to the conclusion that it is becoming an axis, a conduit – opening up and aligning, creating a channel through which energy flows up and down unobstructed. Becoming a lightning rod, if you will.
The Two Powers script was familiar to me – I was first taught to ground by a Wiccan woman who recognized that my empathetic capacity was overwhelming me. When you understand how to sink into the earth, it’s only a matter of time before you are able to comprehend stretching in the opposite direction – it’s balance. So following through the script was relatively easy. It’s a different feel from my usual method of grounding and centering – taller, more black and white, cooler. It’s harder for me to do. I don’t like it as well, although I can use it. I find that it’s more comfortable in groups, like standing in a grove of trees.
When I ground and center, especially when doing solitary workings, I prefer to lie down. Lying down, you begin to settle. We have both energies in us, mingled, and they begin to separate and surface, like liquids in a glass: cold, dark, heavy earth-water energy sinking to the bottom like silt, air-fire rising to spread across the surface like honey-caramel light. The energies within reach to those without – root to the dark, cool then warm then to the fire at the earth’s center, trickling down like roots and silt – hot/cold, dark/light. Reach to the light, bright and hot then cool and to the darkness out at the edges of the sky. You, in the center, join bright and dark, and they mingle in you – the meeting place. Layers of alternates, turtles all the way down: that’s what the Two Powers are, to me. Two sides of the same coin.


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November Jones lives in a small but very colorful house with three cats and her very noisy partner, codename: Batman.

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