[Dedicant Path Requirement] Ostara 2014

I’ve always kind of had trouble understanding Ostara as a holiday; it’s never really clicked in my head. If Imbolc is the seed, the new beginning, then Ostara’s egg and connotations of birth seem redundant, I guess. On the equinox I was in Florida for work, so I got up and greeted the sunrise with a few words, but didn’t do much else on the day. Over the past three months I’ve had a pretty intense devotional practice honoring Brighid and more recently Freyja, so I decided to celebrate the equinox by creating planter shrines to honor them both. I had two pots, which I had painted purple (which I chose for Freyja) and blue (which I chose for Brighid); I washed them, filled them with soil and fertilizer, and blessed them with ashes from incense I had lit in honor of each, and dedicated them to the appropriate goddess. For Freyja, I planted Icelandic poppies; for Brighid, I planted Queen Sophia marigolds and Empress of India nasturtiums. I sprinkled them with basil, said a charm to protect them from harm and ensure their fertility, and then watered them and said a final prayer of blessing to close the ritual space.
While I love the Core Order of Ritual for the structure and reliability it brings, sometimes a simple, intuitive ritual reminds me of a very important fact: we can’t force magic or mana. I went into this ritual tired, just home from work, not at all in the mood for a full ritual. So I’d isn’t even try for formalities – I just reached for center, lit my candles, and dug my hands into the dirt, whispering words as they came. So much of this religion is cottage magic and folk-ways, recognizing the everyday sacred. That is one of the things I most treasure about it, and sometimes the best place to be reminded is amidst ritual. If the equinox is about birth and renewal, moving into light, then my celebration of it did its job, I think.


About November Jones

November Jones lives in a small but very colorful house with three cats and her very noisy partner, codename: Batman.

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