Litha 2014 [Dedicant Path Requirement]

The focus of my midsummer ritual was honoring the sun as life-giver, light-bringer, and hope-bearer. I think it’s important to focus on that and retain a piece of it through the darker months….and here, at the crescendo of the sun’s power and beauty, is time to revel in that bounty. I followed the COoR, as usual…Secret Garden’s the Gates of Dawn was my musical signal, initiating the rite, and I smudged for purification. I gave honor to the Earth Mother, stated my purpose – to honor the sun – and sanctified my hallows (fire, well, and tree). I called on Firefly as my gatekeeper with an offering of sugar, asking for her liminal power of light in darkness to open the gates. I honored the Kindreds and made my offerings and songs to the sun. When I drew the omen asking if my gifts and words had been satisfactory, I received the Knight of Cups, which I saw as positive. I also drew a card asking for guidance in this liminal period of my life, wanting to know what I should focused my energy on, and received the Hierophant. The blessing – in the form of a glass of water – was shared between me, the cats, the house, and the yard. Then I thanked the beings, closed the gates, and ended the rite.
This was my last DP high day! I feel so much more comfortable with the COoR – it’s more flexible than I ever imagined it being at the beginning of this. Comfortable. I am also continuing to be amazed at the aptness of divination. Drawing the Hierophant at a time when I’m beginning to turn my attention towards the CTP is a nice piece of confirmation. Sort of a smack in the face with a wet fish, but funny all the same. At the beginning of the rite I worried I wouldn’t get to the rite headspace, but I’m starting to have a ritual switch. You can feel yourself sliding in. Everything is coming full circle.


Litha [Dedicant Path Requirement]

Litha (also known as Midsummer or the Summer Solstice) is a celebration of high summer, the height of power and maturity. It is commonly considered the most magically potent time of year: spells should be worked and herbs gathered on Litha. Crops are beginning to ripen. It’s a time of rejoicing, feasting, fruition and celebration; a faery day. One magical tradition associated with midsummer involves hunting for fern seeds. Supposedly, exactly at midnight, their seeds appear, and if you snatch one you will gain the power of invisibility. Lore says that plants (medicinal and magical) gathered at midnight on midsummer’s day are the most potent and powerful. Midsummer is the turning point of the year – light into darkness, the longest day and the shortest night.